I have a couple of things on my mind as I write this to you.

I have a couple of dear friends who are battling - truly battling for their lives. They are both dealing with cancer.

Hearing of their stories and talking with them brings back recent memories for me. What I remember most is the feeling that there were so many prayers and positive thoughts coming my way from those who care about me. I could actually feel it around me - like a positive, glowing aura. It's hard to explain, but I know there are those who understand. In those dark days, I tried very hard to find blessings in all that was happening in my life. Some days, it was almost impossible, but I would have to work that much harder. You see, if I could find something good in what was going on, then it wasn't ALL bad.

I have to tell you that it is those blessings that I remember. The other feelings have faded away.

I found a courage that I never knew existed. When I faltered, I had my friends and family there with their strength, always ready to make me laugh and feel better by their caring and concern for me.

My prayers and positive thoughts I will send to you and yours every day.


I am SO excited.... I used eyelash curlers yesterday morning! My hair's not long enough to curl, so this was just second best, but man....okay, you get the point.

Other things I've started doing is using shampoo and creme rinse. No more Dial soap and a wash cloth for me. Course I'm still drying it with a hand towel. Not long enough for those towels you can wrap around you a couple of times or so.

I bought razors too. Self explanatory.

I'm still staying out of the hair gel and hair spray isle at the store. That will be my next quest.

Say....nobody told me that there were steroids in that chemo cocktail!

My skin and hair is as oily as it was when I was sixteen. I've got hair growing is some of the oddest places. I can see it now. I wake up one morning with a really important agenda for my day and I have zits all over my face, but they're well hidden by my beard.


When's the last time you heard thunder in December? Don't that beat all? My sister Jeanie lives in the panhandle and she said there was a blizzard out there. Course a few snowflakes falling creates a blizzard out there with that wind. She said they were predicting 18" of snow. Now my question is, how can they tell? You'll have 2 inches here and 6-7 ft. snowdrifts up against the fences. So how do they know? Do they do an average? Is there such a thing as a snow gauge? My fondest memories of living out there was the wind blowing gale force every day. I had long hair back then. I recently visited my sister and her family and my new hair do stayed exactly in place for the first time in the panhandle.

Some days it just pays to be me.