Hello Grand Lakers!

Sometimes we go fishing just to look for fish. We don't really have anything located but just want to try to find something for a future guide trip.

Jerry Kropff and I hooked up the boat and put in at Twin Bridges to see what we could find.

We went up the Neosho River and found clearer water than we expected, along with loads of bait fish. We ended up catching only a couple of whites and no crappie. Last year at this time we were really on the crappie at that location.

We went around to the Spring River and found the water really clear even though we didn't see many bait fish. We joked that if we did find any fish they should be hungry.

Our first fish was a really good black bass. Then we got into the whites and caught about 50 big ones in about three hours. We had to find them on our electronics to catch them on GoGo Minnow Grubs fished really slowly along the bottom.

Here's a tip:

The bite in the colder water is really light! You can catch a lot of fish in the winter

See you on the lake,