A mixture of nostalgia and new rolled into one package in Grove this weekend, as area residents took part in the opening sessions at the newly revamped skating rink.

From teenagers to families with young children, more than than 100 people attended the opening night skate sessions at Rocket Skating Plus.

For many, like Cassie King, it was a chance to introduce her son to a piece of her childhood.

King and her son, Kylan, 3, and her two nephews, Jace Dentmon, 9, and Chance Dentmon, 7, were among the first customers inside the rink for the inaugural session.

"I really hope he takes up skating like I did," King said. "I was here every weekend.

"I was here [so much] that they gave me a job, since I was here anyway."

King said she worked at the rink up until it closed.

Jessica Freeman of Grove laughed as she and her son, Jakoby Downing, 5, and friend Joe Mathia attempted to stay on their feet as they circled the rink.

"It's been 10 years since I've skated," Freeman said. "I feel terrible. I can't save [Jakoby], I'm going to have to save myself [from falling]."

Cassie Douglas of Grove said opening night was a success for her family.

"It was a blast tonight taking the kids skating and seeing people I went to school with with their kids at the same skating rink we all hung out at when we were in school," Douglas said. "I spent every weekend in middle school at the skating rink. Now I can enjoy it with my kids. To make it even better, was seeing people I grew up with there, with their kids."

Smokey Hicks of Grove brought his son, Jaden, 5, to the rink for his first experience at roller skating.

"I used to come here as a little guy every Friday and Saturday," Hicks said. "I think this is awesome. I hope he gets into it like I did. It kept me out of trouble."

Hicks said he was impressed with the renovations completed by new owners Patti and Greg Combow.

"They've really upgraded the place a lot and made a lot of improvements," Hicks said. "I spent many many Fridays and Saturday nights here. I would like to see this make a go."

Theresa Dugan's daughter, Brittany, was among the crowd of teenagers skating during the first session.

Dugan said she and her husband met while roller skating in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She joked that the couple would most likely join their daughter for future outings.

"I am so glad to see our community support this wonderful activity with their kids," Dugan said.

Tanya Len agreed. She brought her daughter, Tiahnna Dotson to the rink on Friday.

"She loved [Rocket Skating Plus]," Len said. "I grew up skating. I started when I was her age, but started roller blading at 7. We go every weekend."

Len said she introduced her daughter to skating last summer, and has spend almost every weekend since taking Dotson to the rink in Joplin.

Len said she's glad to have a rink option closer to home, adding she's already booked next month's birthday party for her daughter at the rink.

Jacob Houck and Nick Schirloff were the first two customers inside the door of the rink on Friday evening. Schirloff earned another "honor" when he became the first skater to break a bone at the rink.

His mother, Marta Doughty said he fell about 9 p.m., and broke his left forearm.

"He had a great time on opening night, said the place was really cool and the staff was nice," Doughty said. "Then he fell and broke his arm.

"The staff was very nice and provided an ice pack for the trip to the ER."

Patti Combow estimates it took more than 3,000 hours to renovate the facility since the couple purchased it in January. She said renovating the rink has been an everyday project for the past two months.

"Renovation could have never been completed at this level if we did not have so much help," Combow said. "People in this community volunteered lots of hours and skills. The floor alone took 150 hours to complete. Many volunteers [spent] 12-hour days and all their weekends to help.

Combow said many of the volunteers came to help after learning about needs on the rink's Facebook page.

"We had volunteers because they were so excited about getting the skating rink back up and running," Combow said. "We did have others just show up. We also had local businesses lend us tools and such, to get specific jobs completed.

"We also had contractors we hired for specific jobs give us reduced rates or not charge for their labor, all in support of getting the rink going for the kids."

Combow said she and her husband are thankful for everyone, from the volunteers, contractors and even a local photographer, who helped make the opening night possible.

"We are lucky to have made such good friends," Combow said. "We are so thankful for all the people that came as strangers to help us and are now dear friends. We are also blessed with help of family as well.

"We still cannot believe we are doing this."