DELAWARE COUNTY - The Delaware County Election Board has adopted new precinct lines as a result of the redrawing of congressional, state legislative and county commissioner district lines. These lines must be redrawn every ten years following the federal census. The new lines are in affect now.

All precinct numbers and polling locations in Delaware County are listed below. The precinct lines are shown on the attached map of the county. The County Election board is in the process of mailing new voter identification cards to voters whose precincts have changed.

Precinct 210001: Cleora School, Cleora.

Precinct 210002: Bernice Senior Citizens Building, Bernice.

Precinct 210003:Monkey Island Fire Dept. (in Port Duncan), Monkey Island

Precinct 210004: Hickory Grove Fire Dept., Grove.

Precinct 210005: St. Andrews Episcopal Church, Grove.

Precinct 210006: Cowskin Rural Fire Dept. #2, 3 miles E of 10/25 Jct. On Hwy. 25, Grove.

Precinct 210007: 1st United Methodist Church, Grove.

Precinct 210008: Butler Baptist Church, Grove.

Precinct 210009: Independent Baptist Church, Grove.

Precinct 210011: Bible Baptist Church, Grove.

Precinct 210012: Zena Community Center, Zena.

Precinct 210014: 1st Assembly of God Church, Jay.

Precinct 210015: Assembly of God Church, Topsy.

Precinct 210016 SUB/210010: Jay Community Center, Jay.

Precinct 210017: Eucha Fire Department, Eucha.

Precinct 210018: Mt. Hermon Church Rec. Bldg., 6 miles east of Jay.

Precinct 210019: Colcord Church of Christ, Colcord.

Precinct 210020: Kenwood Water Office, Kenwood.

Precinct 210021: Leach First Baptist Church, Leach.

Precinct 210022: Kansas Community Center, Kansas.

Precinct 210023: West Siloam Springs fire Department, West Siloam Springs, Okla.

Contact the Delaware County Election Board in Jay by calling 918-253-8762 with any questions you may have or need more information.