Ivan Martin

Grand Lake fishermen lost a great friend this last week. Lee Jeffery passed away. I know a lot of you knew Lee and are saddened by his passing. Lee had been a long time Grand Laker who truly loved fishing and the people who fished here. Lee fished several days a week, a lot of the time by himself, even into his eighties. He fished for all species but his love was for crappie and catfish. Lee did the radio fishing reports for both a Grove and Pittsburg, Kansas radio station. He also wrote the fishing report for the Grove newspaper for years. His reports were full of personal references mentioning a lot of people all over the lake. I know I will miss him greatly.

The white bass fishing is as good as it gets if you know where to go. We're catching them surfacing early and late in the day. In the middle of the day we're using spoons in water anywhere from 10 to 35 feet deep to catch them. We have had limits every day for quite a while now. This is a great time for someone who does not fish a lot to catch a lot of fish.

It won't be long before we should start catching a lot of crappie. The water will start cooling soon.

The black bass fishing is tough for me right now but will improve as the water cools.

We have caught quite a few catfish this past week while white bass fishing, especially in the deeper water. Someone who was really fishing specifically for them would have probably done real well.

As I write this report, I can't stop thinking of Lee. We will truly miss him.

See you on the water!